Give your book cover the recognition it deserves!

Let’s face it… people do judge books by their covers! The Indie Children’s Book Cover Award is an award contest that celebrates the talents of Independent published authors and illustrators by showcasing their unique and eye-catching book covers. This prestigious award, which is awarded only once a year, recognizes the best children’s book covers internationally for excellence in illustration, design and creativity! The Judging Committee consists of voluntary teachers, parents, editors, and children ages 5-10 who have a great love for children’s books!

cover (5)
cover (5)

Winning the "Indie Book Cover Award" means...

Help boost your book sales by winning this prestigious award


Facebook & Instagram

Winner’s book will be publicized in over 40 Facebook & Instagram groups in order to increase visibility including Mommy groups, Teacher groups, Librarian groups, Book lover groups and other Kid lit groups.


Award Seals

Winner’s will receive both printed & digital award Seals.


MagicBeans Bookstore

Winner’s will receive one year free membership to MagicBeans Bookstore. Their book will be featured on the Home page of the website.

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Certificate & Medal

Winner’s will receive award certificate and medal.

Submissions will open June 1, 2024!

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